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Welcome to the EDUVISA Qualification & Programme Catalogue which has been designed to simplify and streamline the online registration process. The Catalogue displays certificate, diploma, degree, and post-degree course options which reflect the specific qualification outcomes of the faculty represented at EDUVISA Graduate School of Management. To register simply mouse-click on the desired course under the respective Qualification or Programme Banner and proceed step-by-step via the category and subcategory levels to the desired course option. Students who wish to re-register after they have completed a course or programme are advised to mouse-click on the Referral Link or Student Centre to find the appropriate link of the Referral Affiliate who introduced them to EDUVISA. 

Prospective students are advised to take note of the various Payment Options as well as Tuition Fees that may be relevant to their geographical area. Special discount options apply to Bundle Payments which are linked to the EDUVISA Bursary Programme.

Student Registration Enquiries: