Welcome to the EDUVISA Programme Catalogue which accommodates certificate, diploma, degree, and post-degree course options and guarantees a seamless online registration and payment process. Programmes are grouped into Academic and Administrative Programmes which reflects the specific outcomes of individual Faculty Units within EDUVISA Graduate School of Management. To register simply mouse-click on the desired course under the respective Academic Programme Portal and proceed step-by-step via the category and subcategory levels to the final course/module registration section.



EDUVISA Graduate School of Management (EGSM) has over the past three decades grown from a training centre focused on professional qualifications to a university-level business school providing executive higher-education programmes at pre-graduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.  The EDUVISA Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (L3+) (IQF) provides access to the EDUVISA UK-University and UK-Ofqual Graduate Programmes that cover the full spectrum of management training including Basic Management & Language Skills (L3) (IQF), Diploma (L4) (IQF/RQF), Higher Diploma (L5) (IQF/RQF), Graduate Diploma (L6) (IQF/RQF), Bachelor in Business Degree (BBA, B.Com, BSC-Hons) and Master's Degree (MBA, MSc) (Level 7+) (RQF/IQF). EDUVISA Graduate School of Management allows for a Dual-Qualification Assessment Process which consists of the UniQual Integrated Qualification Framework (IQF) that is made up of curriculum-prescribed online Module-based Study Manuals & Tests (Formative Assessment) prescribed by the UK-Ofqual-ATHE Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) that consists of curriculum-prescribed Moderated Assignments (Optional RQF Requirement) (Mouse-click on Accreditation for information).  To access any of the EDUVISA ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES please mouse-click on the relevant programme or use your mouse to scroll down to the specific Programme Portal.



Students who wish to re-register after they have completed a course or programme are advised to mouse-click on the Referral Link to find the appropriate link of the Referral Affiliate who introduced them to EDUVISA. 



Prospective students are advised to take note of the various Payment Options available to them both at an international level as well as within a regional context where applicable.  In order to make graduate studies more affordable, EDUVISA provides for a number of Tuition Fees payment options:

INSTALMENT PLAN - Study-as-you-Pay option allows students to register and pay in instalments linked to a selection of Modules (See Modular Academic System) per academic year.

REVOLVING STUDENT LOAN - Students from Southern Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa (See SA Tuition Fees) are advised to familiarise themselves with the innovative EDUVISA Revolving Student Loan Facility which can be used repeatedly during the course of studies.

BUNDLE PAYMENTS - Students qualify for a substantial discount when utilising the Bundle Payment Option.


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