EDUVISA Graduate School of Management utilises a pedagogic-inspired Modular Academic System which allows the candidate to complete each academic year (for example Bachelor 1st Year) in his/her own time. Each programme consists of curriculum-prescribed modules that make up the specific course/qualification and that determine the merit weight of the specific course for accreditation purposes. Each module is subjected to a Formative Assessment (Module Test) and supplemented by a Summative Assessment (Module-based Assignments) at the end of the programme. Successful completion of the online module test automatically allows the candidate to progress to the next module. The number of modules prescribed per academic year (programme) is determined by UniQual/Ofqual qualification requirements and varies between 10 and 30 modules depending on the weight of each module.  To accommodate the curriculum requirements of qualification frameworks outside the United Kingdom (Ofqual) such as the EQF, NQF, SQF and SAQA candidates may be requested to complete additional country-specific Capita Selecta modules in addition to the standard Ofqual curriculum.



There is not a specific time allocation in which a Module needs to be completed and the student may determine his/her own schedule depending on personal circumstances, commitment to studies and capacity to commit to the payment of tuition fees. It is assumed that the committed student should be able to complete the full academic curriculum pertaining to a specific course within the minimum allocated period.