• To counter the impact of global currency de-escalations against the major trade currencies like the USD ($), Euro (€), GBP (£) and Chinese Yuan (¥) EDUVISA Graduate School of Management partners with online payment facilitators like MOBICRED and PayFast to alleviate the impact of academic fees. Students, parents, or sponsors in Southern Africa are now able to apply once-off for a permanent Revolving Student Loan Facility (RSLF) (like an online credit card) that can be used to finance studies on an ongoing year-to-year basis.
  • Once activated the learner/student can use the same credit facility repeatedly during his/her studies. This enables the learner/student to pay in full (discounted) for an academic year while paying it off on an affordable monthly basis.
  • Learners/students are advised to create a MOBICRED account and apply for an academic revolving credit facility before continuing with registration. An approved academic credit facility will provide the learner/student with an additional payment option when utilising the PayFast Payment Portal during the registration process.
  • The RSLF may be used for all EDUVISA-related academic programmes including the BA GAP-Year Programme, certificate, diploma, degree, and post-degree courses and can automatically be re-used on a yearly basis up to the level of final Bachelor (BBA, BA & BSc) or Masters (MBA) Degree level. 
  • To register a Revolving Student Loan Facility please click on the MOBICRED Application Banner: