• EDUVISA Graduate School of Management is a UK-registered and regulated business school that carries both an Ofqual (RQF) (UK Regulatory Qualification Framework) as well as UniQual (IQF) (Integrated Qualification Framework) which enables it to offer an accredited Generic Business Curriculum that is aligned to and culminates in advanced degrees in business studies at universities in the United Kingdom as well as a host of other countries. 
  • This enables students to complete ±90% of a BBA-Hons or MBA curriculum (Ofqual/University Mapped) via EDUVISA (Online/Blended Learning) followed by a "Top-Up" or "Capita Selecta" of ±10% to make up the full degree curriculum (BBA-Hons, MBA, MSc etc)  which will be completed at the UK or international university of choice (campus or online) at a greatly reduced study fee and in a minimum study period.
  • Articulation/alignment arrangements with universities via the Ofqual Qualification Framework and our academic partners (NCCEdu, ATHE, universities, etc) enable students upon completion of their EDUVISA qualification to register for any one of multiple progression routes in order to complete the final Top-Up component towards a BBA-Hons, MBA or MSc Degree.
  • The following recommended university progression routes are available via the EDUVISA/NCCEdu Academic Partnership Agreement: