The EDUVISA Graduate School of Management Skills Programme consists of more than 50 short management skills certificate courses that can be completed online within 2 to 3 days. The programme provides the student with basic administrative and business management skills that will improve performance in the corporate workplace and prepare the student to meet promotion requirements in the future. The Certificate in Management Skills (Cert.Skill) can be studied online or via a blended-learning tuition model. The student is awarded a Certificate in Management Skills (Cert.Skill) as proof that the short course and related assessment has been completed.

Students who have completed a Cert.Skill (IQF Level 3) course should consider registering for the Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (L3+ IQF) which will provide them with an opportunity to access the EDUVISA Graduate Degree Programme at IQF Level 4 (Diploma in Management) (Dip.Man) which equates to Academic Year 1 at Bachelor Degree Level and that ultimately can lead to a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Degree or an Integrated Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Degree via a UK, USA, Swiss, Australian or Malaysian university or business school.



The student selects the Management Skills Course that he/she wants to register for by visiting the EDUVISA Programme Catalogue. Once the Course has been selected for registration the student will be required to utilise the Enrol option followed by a request to Create a New Account (First Time Student) or a request to Sign in to the Existing Account (Already registered as Student). Hereafter the learner/student will be required to select a Payment Option and be directed to a suitable Payment Gateway.



PayPal (Credit & Debit Card), PayFast (Debit & Credit Card, Bank EFT, Cash Payment, Student Loan).



The Certificate in Management Skills (Cert.Skill) will provide the working professional and employee with quick access to basic management skills tools that are available on demand.



The Certificate in Management Skills (Cert.Skill) can be completed within 3 to 7 days depending on the commitment and time allocation of the student.



Students should possess a Grade 11 or Matric Certificate, be fluent in English and be familiar with self-study via the EDUVISA Online Learner Management System (OLMS).



Academic services are provided online and include the following: Study Notes, Academic Support, Online Assessment, Accelerated Academic Progress, Proctored Examinations, Online Tutor Assistance.



Scroll down on the Programme Catalogue to find the appropriate course option.