EDUVISA Graduate School of Management, like many international academic and university institutions, follows a Dual-Diploma approach that incorporates accreditation and curriculum requirements of both the IQF and RQF Qualification Frameworks that again aligns with other international qualification frameworks like the NQF, EQF, SAQA CHEA, SQF etc. The candidate receives an IQF (Integrated Qualification Framework) (UniQual) and, which when required is supplemented by an RQF (UK's Regulated Qualifications Framework) (Ofqual/ATHE) qualification. This guarantees that the prescribed module-based assessment criteria have been met and that the candidate may proceed to a higher qualification or university progression level. This ensures that the student not only meets the requirements of the UK-orientated qualification framework but also incorporates the requirements associated with the most prominent curricula followed by universities/business schools in other parts of the world. 

This process also enables the candidate to benefit from the Integrated BBA/MBA Degree Programme that combines the Under-Graduate (Bachelor's in Business) Degree Curriculum with a Post-Graduate Master's Degree Curriculum into a shortened period of study at a substantial reduction in tuition fees