Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) is referred to as the ‘principles and the processes through which the prior knowledge and or skills of a person are made visible, mediated and are assessed for the purposes of alternative access and admission, recognition and certification, or further learning and development’. In short, RPLE can thus be regarded as an assessment process of an individual’s learning and experience achieved outside the formal education and training environment.

The main purpose is to determine and confirm the extent to which a candidate has achieved the required learning outcomes or competency standards associated with the requirements of a specific qualification. The term ‘recognition’ covers the acknowledgement of current competencies regardless of how, when or where learning took place. This also implies recognizing learning which has its source in life and work experience, including learning gained through non-formal learning and workplace-related training programmes.

The EDUVISA RPLE programme, as a result, identifies employees and potential students who accumulated employment experience relevant to administrative, management and leadership skills without having obtained formal qualifications. This includes employees that are currently working or have previously worked independently or within the government, private or NGO sector. This also enables students, while studying, to obtain related employment experience that is regarded as an entrée requirement to register at for instance Master's Degree level.

EDUVISA RPLE policies are based on and incorporate the intended outcomes of accreditation frameworks (RQF, IQF, SAQA, EQF, etc) that EDUVISA is aligned to (See Accreditation & Articulation).

EDUVISA Graduate School of Management, in line with its RPLE policies, also offer the Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (IQF-L3) (2 - 3 Months) which provides students with direct access to the EDUVISA Graduate Programme (Bachelor & Master's Degrees) accredited on the UK-Ofqual Qualification Framework and UK-University System. The Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (IQF-L3) can be completed online or alternatively as a blended-learning campus option at an EDUVISA accredited campus/centre.

Students who have completed a Grade 11 or Grade 12 Certificate, Matric Certificate, National Senior Certificate, GCE Certificate, Secondary Education Certificate, or any other School-Leaving-Certificate and who have completed the Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (IQF-L3) may register for the EDUVISA Diploma in Management (Dip.Man) (IQF-L4) (1st Year Bachelor) or alternative EDUVISA Diploma / Degree Programmes.  A certified copy of the school-leaving certificate may be required for verification of the applicant’s international qualifications.