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(L4) (IQF) Diploma in Management (Dip.Man) (Bachelor 1st Year)

(L4) Dip.Man (IQF) - Module 5 - 8

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• Syllabus: Course Modules 5 - 8
• Qualification Framework: IQF-Level 4
• Academic Year: Bachelor 1st Year
• Qualification Pathway: BBA & MBA Degree
• Formative Assessment: Module Test
• Study Manual (PDF): Online
• Secondary Resources: Online
• Module Presentations: Online
• Video Presentations: Online
• Academic Support: Online Tutor
• Liaison: Online Message System


Here is the programme outline:

(L4) (IQF) Module 5 - Developing Personal Skills

n business and management that are many skills to be learnt. They are not only knowledge and understanding of business but also knowledge and understanding of the people you with. This module looks at some of these skills such as communication, influencing, listening. By the end of the module students will recognise the need to develop these skills and will be aware of the various techniques available to improve them.

pageText Module 5 - Study Notes
quiz Module 5 - Formative Assessment

(L4) (IQF) Module 6 - Effective Communication

Communication is an important human interaction. It can take place in many ways both verbal and non verbal but it needs to be understood, clear and effective. This module looks at different methods of communication and the context in which they may be used and by the end of the module students will have learned how to improve their own communication techniques.

pageText Module 6 - Study Notes
quiz Module 6 - Formative Asessment

(L4) (IQF) Module 7- Financial Management & Control

A useful way to learn is to review case studies around the issue at hand. There are many case studies available in finance that can record what has happened and how different organisations have responded to various issues of cash flow, liquidity and balance sheet debt. This modules examines some of these cases and illustrates best practice in addressing financial issues. By the end of the module students will understand some of the fundamental approaches to financial problems.

pageText Module 7 - Study Notes
quiz Module 7 - Formative Assessment

(L4) (IQF) Module 8 - Fundamentals of Accounting

Keeping accurate and up to date financial records is an absolute essential for a business. It is not only a legal requirement but it is information that a manager cannot do without in planning and making decisions. This module identifies the main areas that a manager needs to be aware of and understand and by the end of the module students will be able to take new financial skills into the workplace.

pageText Module 8 - Study Notes
quiz Module 8 - Formative Assessment
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