• BACHELOR-HONOURS (BA-HONS) DEGREE - EDUVISA Graduate School of Management, as a UK-Ofqual Accredited Business School, offers candidates the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor (BA-Hons) Degree by completing a Bachelor 1st Year (Dip.Man) (L4) (IQF) and Bachelor 2nd Year (HDip.Man) (L5) (IQF) followed by an EDip.Man (L5+) (RQF) Summative Assessment. This enables the candidate to register for the final year of a BA-Hons Degree at a recommended UK-based EDUVISA University Partner or at any of a multitude of other UK/International universities.
  • MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) DEGREE - EDUVISA Graduate School of Management, as a UK-Ofqual Accredited Business School, offers candidates a cost– and time-saving opportunity to pursue a Master in Business Administration Degree (MBA) (Strategic Management) (L7) (RQF) by completing a Bachelor 1st Year (Dip.Man) (L4) (IQF), Bachelor 2nd Year (HDip.Man) (L5) (IQF), Bachelor 3rd Year (GDip.Man) (L5+) (IQF) followed by a Master's Year (PGDip.Man) (L7) (IQF) and finally an EDip.Man (L7+) (RQF) (Summative Assessment). This enables the candidate to register for an MBA Capstone (Submission of Dissertation) at a recommended UK-based EDUVISA University Partner or any of a multitude of other UK/International universities.  The candidate is awarded a Master's Degree in Strategic Management (MBA) Degree by the relevant university.



UK-Ofqual (RQF) accreditation also enables students, who have completed undergraduate UK-RQF Level 4, 5 or 7 qualifications, to transfer to another university. Although universities in principle accept an accredited qualification of high standing (such as an Ofqual-accredited diploma) or proof of grades from another university, registration of the student may still be subject to approval at Faculty or Departmental level. It is a customary practice that the university to which the student wishes to transfer may require the completion of additional modules to align the student with its own curriculum. This is a result of underlying differences or variations in curriculums followed by different universities or business schools.



After completion of the curriculum-prescribed Formative (IQF) and final Summative (RQF) Assessment candidates may make use of the EDUVISA University Collaboration Programme to seamless register with a partner university in the UK via the EDUVISA Programme Catalogue at a discounted university fee. Confirmation of student registration status at the respective university is confirmed within 7 days of proof of registration deposit (50%) after which the university liaises directly with the candidate.

to register Partnership, register via EDUVISA Qualification (RQF), students have the following options available to further their studies:

  • EDUVISA MBA University Placement - This option entails that the student, after completion of an RQF-Level 5 or Level 7 Qualification completes the final Bachelor or Master's Top-Up Phase online via EDUVISA/ARU in collaboration with a UK-University (See University Placement) or (UK-Universities).

  • Full-time or Part-time On-Campus Studies at UK University - Most registered universities in the UK accept Ofqual qualifications for advanced (Top-Up) studies and students can select a preferred university (Find a university). It should be understood by students that these are general guidelines and students should always check the requirements with their preferred University or their local University Agent if they intend to apply. 

  • Full-time or Part-time at UK-University Overseas -Some UK Universities operate overseas Campuses and may accept local students on their advanced study programmes. For example, UK Universities have campuses in Cyprus, Dubai, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, India amongst many others.  There are for instance several UK Campuses in the UAE

  • Full-time or Part-time at UK-University Overseas - Students may want to study at universities closer to or in their home country. For example, many Australian, South African, Canadian and USA Universities offer distance learning and will recognise the equivalent UK.

  • Association of MBAs - The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is an international membership organisation that provides accreditation and upholds the highest international standards of MBA programmes. Many UK-Universities, which also holds membership of AMBA, also offer distance and online MBA Programmes and can be accessed for MBA-Top-Up purposes via an EDUVISA (IQF/RQF Level 7) Qualification subject to the specific requirements that may/may not apply at department or faculty level.



Popular university progress options include but are not limited to the following registered universities and/or business schools:

* The average cost for the BBA-Hons/MBA Top-Up Phase varies between R45000.00 and R75000.00 depending on the specific university or business school.

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