• Accelerated study programme based on the EDUVISA UK-Ofqual based qualification framework.
  • No or little interruptions in the student's personal or work programme because of Socio-political events, extended holidays, or pandemics.
  • Government-regulated accredited diploma, degree and post-degree qualifications based on the UniQual / Ofqual qualification and university frameworks.
  • Access to international aligned and accredited study material that meet the highest professional and academic standards.
  • Guided self-study that is based on scientifically developed study outlines, manuals, tutorial letters and assignments aligned to international curriculum outcomes.
  • Study resources which include course material, study notes, student prospectus, tutorials, podcasts, and videos provided free of charge.
  • Flexible study options enable the student to study when and where it is most convenient.
  • Studying at a pace that suits you will allow you to revisit anything you feel you haven’t fully understood.
  • An Open-learning system allows the student to revisit previously completed modules.
  • Save on direct study costs as well as indirect expenses including transport and expensive handbooks.


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