Course Code: Dip.HEA
Qualification Articulation: (IQF-L3) (RQF-L3)  (NQF-L5) (EQF-L7) (SQF-L9) (CHEA-L7) 
Curriculum Level: Bachelor Foundation
Assessment Phase: Formative (Module-mapped Tests)
Degree Pathway: BBA-Hons & MBA (Integrated)
Course Details (PDF) Dip.HEA Factsheet
Progression Pathway: Diploma in Management (Dip.Man) (IQF-L4)  (Formative Assessment)
Registration: Online Application Portal
Academic Fees:
PayPal:   £195 
PayFast:  R3950 (Bundle Payment)
PayFast : R1950 x 2 (Instalment)
Revolving Student Loan:  R400± x 12 (MobiCred)


The Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (IQF-L3) enables students who have not been able to obtain placement at a residential university with the opportunity to access the EDUVISA UK-University Pathway towards completion of an Uniqual/Ofqual management qualification at Diploma, Higher Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, and an MBA Degree (Accredited UK or alternative international universities) level.

*The Dip.HEA incorporates the Dip.Skill and EDip.Skill applicable to students attending the GAP Year Programmes in Southern Africa.



The Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) can be completed in 2 to 4 months of uninterrupted study and consists of 12 Modules (Formative Assessment Phase) as well as additional Modules (Informative Non-Assessed) that will introduce the learner/student to online study methodology as well as a foundation theory that will allow him/her to seamless ease into online management studies when joining the EDUVISA University Pathway.  Students are required to complete the Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) within a period of 12 months following the date of registration.  



The Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) is a pre-Bachelor Programme with the following academic, linguistic and pedagogic outcomes:

  • to provide students with a qualification that enables them to enter the UK university system and complete their studies via a British University;
  • to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject field of Business Studies in order to establish a foundation towards further Bachelor studies;
  • to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of their chosen field and develop their ability to apply this knowledge to a variety of situations even if they do not proceed with degree studies;
  • to introduce students to the online pedagogic environment and online learning management system at university level.



The Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) is an IQF-L3 qualification and carries 30 credits. This qualification is an entrée requirement toward the EDUVISA UK-University Pathway and forms part of the Bachelor 1st Academic Year towards a BBA-Hons or MBA Degree. Students who have completed the Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) may proceed with the Diploma in Management (Dip.Man) (iNQF-L6) (RQF-L4) Bachelor curriculum.



  • Module 1: Time Management (Module Test)
  • Module 2: Administrative Skills (Module Test)
  • Module 3: Customer Skills (Module Test)
  • Module 4: Facilitation Skills (Module Test)
  • Module 5: Project Management (Module Test)
  • Module 6: Business Etiquette (Module Test)
  • Module 7: Basic Bookkeeping (Module Test)
  • Module 8: Performance Management (Module Test)
  • Module 9: Sales Skills (Module Test)
  • Module 10: Human Resources Management (Module Test)
  • Module 11: Personal Finance (SA) (Module Test)
  • Module 12: Management Foundation Skills (SA) (Module Test)
  • Module 13: Dissertation & Research Methodology (No Assessment) (Resource)



  • Applicants register via the EDUVISA Programme Catalogue or the EDUVISA Online Application Portal after which the applicant will be redirected to the PayPal (Debit/Credit Card) or PayFast (EFT, Debit/Credit Card) secure payment gateway. 
  • See Bank Details to complete a private EFT transaction (Expect verification of payment and programme activation within two to three working days).