Post-Graduate Diploma in Management
Course Code:  PGDip.Man 
PayFast Payment Gateway:   R2950 x 6 Payments
Qualification Framework:  (RQF-L7) (EQF-L7) (SQF-L9) (CHEA-L7) (iNQF-L9) 
PayFast Payment Gateway:   R14750 (Module Bundle Payment)
Assessment Phase:  Formative (Module-mapped Tests)           
PayPal Payment Gateway:   £725 (Module Bundle Payment)
Degree Pathway:  Master's in Business (MBA) Degree in Management
Progression Pathway:  EDip.Man( (L7) (RQF) (Summative Assessment) (Compulsory to proceed to MBA Capstone Dissertation)  

Welcome to the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDip.Man). This qualification introduces the student to the theory of business management as it applies to the practical business environment.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDip.Man) forms part of the EDUVISA Integrated Bachelor and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Degree Pathway and is made up of prescribed modules which each includes Study Notes, Academic Resources and the relevant Formative Module Assessment).

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDip.Man) follows a generic MBA Curriculum pathway that includes module components prescribed by UniQual (iNQF) in combination with UK-Ofqual (RQF) prescribed curriculum modules. This ensures that the student covers the UK, SA, Aus, USA and other prominent curriculum components taught at universities and business schools around the world.

The utilisation of both the UniQual and Ofqual Qualification Frameworks ensures that assessment methodology, intensity and study outcomes meet international accreditation standards accepted by prominent accredited academic institutions. This ensures that the learner/student will, after completion of his/her studies, be adequately prepared for both the academic as well as the competitive global management environment.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDip.Man) (L7) (iNQF) and related Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (L7) (RQF) is delivered via the EDUVISA Virtual University System (EVUS) and enables the learner/student irrespective of the environment to study while still fulfilling their personal and employment responsibilities. 

The qualification is a combination of academic content adapted for the school lever or the experienced working professional, incorporates extensive academic and industry related exposure, and is the final step towards obtaining a Master's in Business.

• Competition Analysis • Corporate Communication Strategies • Creativity and Problem Solving • Culture and Ethics Management • Managing Customer Needs • Developing High-Performance Teams • Developing Interpersonal Skills • Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction • E-Marketing Communication • Quantitative • Techniques • Strategic Financial Management • Corporate Governance • High-Performance Sales • Technology in the Business Environment • Managing Quality Systems • Innovation and R&D • International Business Environment • International Finance • International Marketing • Business Accounts • Decision-Making Processes • Capital Management • Project Management • Marketing Strategies • Performance Management • Motivating and Influencing People • Organisational Behaviour • Organisational Management • Personal Development for Leadership • Strategic Management • Effective Leadership • Quantitative Methods • Recruiting and CPD • Research for Strategic Development • Strategic Systems Management • Strategic Human Resource Management • Strategic Marketing • Strategic Planning • Strategic Planning Tools • Strategies for growth • Management Theories • The Business Plan • External Operating Environment • Tools of Financial Analysis

 Strategic Marketing • Personal Leadership Development • Organisational Behaviour • Strategic Planning • Strategic Research Management • Strategic Financial Management • Strategic HR Management • Corporate Communication


The Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDip.Man) (L7) (iNQF) certifies that the student has completed the iNQF-Module Assessment Phase requirement prescribed by the Master's in Business Management (MBA) curriculum and consequently is allowed to register for the Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (EDip.Man) (L7) (RQF) (Summative Assessment).

Students who wish to pursue the Bachelor in Business (BBA) Degree instead of the Integrated Master's in Business (IMBA) Degree is required to sit for the RQF-Course Examination towards the Extended Diploma in Business Management (L5+) (RQF) in order to register for the BBA Top-Up Degree (Capstone & Dissertation) at a UK-University or business school of choice.

Students who wish to complete the cost- and time-saving Integrated Master's in Business Management (IMBA) Degree may proceed directly from the Graduate Diploma in Management (GDip.Man) (L5) (iNQF) to the Post-Graduate Diploma on Management (PGDip.Man) (L7) (iNQF) followed by the Extended Diploma on Strategic Management (EDip.Man) (L7+) (RQF) in order to register for the MBA Top-Up Degree (Capita Selecta & Dissertation).

  • Please mouse-click on BBA -Hons/MBA Degree for an exposition of curriculum options. 
  • Please feel free to consult with a Student Advisor to assist you during the registration process). 

Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (INQF/RQF L3+)  PLUS

Graduate Diploma in Management (GDip.Man) (INQF L8) (RQF L6)


Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (INQF/RQF L3+)  PLUS

Bachelor Degree in Business / Management (BBA, BCom etc) (NQF L7 / RQF L6).


Diploma in Higher Education Access (Dip.HEA) (INQF/RQF L3+)  PLUS

Any Qualification that is equivalent to NQF Level 7 or RQF Level 6 (Subject to approval by the EDUVISA Admissions Committee)

Students need to familiarise themselves with thEDUVISA Admissions Policy. 


EDUVISA Graduate School of Management offers technology-driven blended- and online learning that combined guided self-study, interactive online classes, videos and Powerpoint presentations with online tutorial assistance. The EDUVISA Virtual University System (EVUS) serves as the basis for both online as well as seminar-based tuition.

Students are required to study the online Study Manuals that services as the basis for the compulsory Module Assessment. Students, who attend any of the EDUVISA accredited campuses, must consult with the relevant campus directors to schedule lecturing sessions.



The PGDip.Man assessment is completed via the EDUVISA Virtual University System (EVUS) and consists of the Formative iNQF-Module Tests that is intended to provide the student with the theoretical framework and subject knowledge required to complete the Summative RQF-Course Assessment towards the Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (EDip.Man) (L7) (RQF) (603/0630/0) that will open the door to register for the final MBA Top-Up Degree (Capstone & Dissertation Phase) at a UK-University or business school of choice.


After completion of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDip.Man) (iNQF-Module Assessment) and Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (RQF-Course Examination), students are eligible to register for an MBA Top-Up (Capita Selecta & Capstone Dissertation) at a range of UK Universities that can be studied online or on campus. The MBA Top-Up comprises the final 60 credits which usually consist of either a dissertation or a dissertation and one or two modules. Students can apply to any university offering the MBA Top-Up or related degree including but not limited to the following universities:

*Fees reflected on the EDUVISA website or related documentation is subject to change and needs to be verified at the time of registration.

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