Bachelor Honours in Business (BA-Hons) 
Course Code: (L5RQFBAH) Qualification Framework: (IQF-L6) (RQF-L6) (NQF-L6) (EQF-L6) (CHEA-L6)
Assessment Phase:  Capstone Hons-Year (Module-Mapped Assignments & Thesis)           
Degree Pathway:  Bachelor-Honours in Business (BA-Hons) Degree 
Progression Pathway:  EDip.Man (L5RQFEDM)     

Payment via PayFast:   R3950

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Welcome to the Bachelor-Honours in Business (BA-Hons) Degree. The Bachelor Honours in Business Administration (BA-Hons) Degree is a culmination of the EDUVISA Diploma in Management (Dip.Man) (L4) (IQF) (Bachelor 1st Year), Higher Diploma in Management (HDip.Man) (L5) (IQF) (Bachelor 2nd Year), Graduate Diploma in Management (GDip.Man) (L5+) (IQF) (Bachelor 3rd Year), Extended Diploma in Management (EDip.Man) (L5+) (RQF) (Summative Examination) followed by a Bachelor-Honours Capstone Year (BA-Hons Top-Up) at a UK-University of choice or alternatively at an EDUVISA recommended Partner University.

The BA-Hons Capstone Year builds on the theory and practical application of the UniQual/Ofqual prescribed generic BBA/MBA curriculum completed during the Dip.Man, HDip.Man, GDip.Man & EDip.Man academic phases. The BA-Hons Capstone Year thus forms the final academic phase of the Bachelor in Business (BA-Hons) Degree pathway resulting in a  Bachelor-Honours (BA-Hons) (L7) (RQF/NQF) Degree (260 Credits) that is awarded by the university of choice as selected by the candidate.  

  • Graduate Diploma in Management (GDip.Man) (IQF) (L5+) (Formative Assessment Phase)
  • Extended Diploma in Management (EDip.Man) (RQF) (L5+) (Summative Assessment Phase)

Students need to familiarise themselves with the EDUVISA Admissions Policy


EDUVISA Graduate School of Management offers technology-driven blended- and online learning that combined guided self-study, interactive online classes, videos, and PowerPoint presentations with online tutorial assistance. The world-class EDUVISA Virtual University System (EVUS) can be accessed via your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer and serves as the delivery platform for both online as well as seminar-based tuition. EVUS provides instant access to study materials, forums, and support from lecturers, tutors, and academic support staff. 

EVUS interlinks or collaborates with the Online Learning Management System (OLMS) of the university selected to complete the BBA-Hons (Capstone Phase) (Final Year). Students who wish to register at any of the preferred collaborating UK-Universities will be assisted with the registration process via the EDUVISA Catalogue. 


The Bachelor-Hons in Business (BA-Hons) Degree is completed online at the UK or international university of choice and may consist of prescribed curriculum-mapped Module Tests and Assignments (Formative Assessment) and Hons-Thesis (Summative Assessment) that will be completed via the Online Learner Management System (OLMS) of the selected university.  

The typical curriculum may consist of several module-mapped assignments that have to be completed in consultation with the lecturing staff at the university of choice. The submission of module-mapped assignments may have to be supplemented by a Hons-Thesis depending on the requirement of the specific university. The following topics would typically be covered in assignments:
  • Strategic Management - This module addresses strategy and examines an organisation within its strategic and competitive context (1500-4500 words)
  • Work-Based Major Project - This module enables the candidate to build on your learning throughout the course to carry out an in-depth project dealing with an issue that is relevant to you and your work (3000-12000 words).

  • Work-Based Project Impact and Review - Having completed the project, the candidate will assess its impact, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your recommendations, and gather feedback from colleagues, peers, and academics (6000 words).

  • Reflections on Practice and Career Progression - In this module, the candidate will evaluate practical and leadership skills to plan future management scenarios relevant to personal and career development (3000 words).


After completion of the Extended Diploma in Management (EDip.Man) (L5+) (RQF) (Capstone & Thesis), the candidate may register at a UK University of choice or alternatively an EDUVISA Partner University to complete the BA-Hons Year (Capstone) online or on campus. The following universities are examples of institutions that may be considered for the BA-Hons Top-up (Capstone) Year:

*Fees reflected on the EDUVISA website or related documentation is subject to change and needs to be verified at the time of registration.

Please see a more extensive list of UK and alternative universities that can be approached for BBA/MBA Top-Up (Capstone) purposes: Read more ...

EDUVISA Graduate School of Management has established a preferred collaboration agreement inter alia with Anglia Ruskin University:  Rear more ...


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