EDUVISA Graduate School of Management follows an integrated generic curriculum certified by UniQual that incorporates and maps key curriculum components prescribed by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (UK) (Ofqual). This ensures that the EDUVISA Business Studies curriculum is aligned with and maps the curriculum components of government-regulated universities and business schools in the UK, Europe and the USA as well as that of Qualification Frameworks (eg. EQF, SAQA, SCQF etc) that have been created by countries (eg. Australia, South Africa etc) and geopolitical organisations (eg. EU) to regulate their higher education environments.

Successful completion of the EDUVISA (Uniqual/Ofqual) business curriculum thus ensures that the student has studied and been assessed on subject content that corresponds with the Bachelor/Masters's curriculum of these universities and qualification frameworks and that the EDUVISA Uniqual/Ofqual qualification, as awarded and certified via our Academic Collaboration Agreements (NCC, ATHE, Universities etc), is recognised and allowed to register for a  BBA-Hons or MBA/MSc Top-Up at a wide spectrum of universities and business schools internationally. This enables the student to complete 90% of the integrated Bachelor/Master's (BBA/MBA) curriculum via the EDUVISA Virtual University System (EVUS) followed by ±10% at a prescribed UK or international university or business school of choice. The generic nature of the general EDUVISA University Curriculum enables EDUVISA to offer a Master's in Business Administration (MBA - Integrated) Degree which combines undergraduate (Bachelor 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year) with the post-graduate (Master 1st Year) curricula in a shortened period of between 24 to 30 months (depends on the commitment of the learner/student) at a reduced course fee (See BBA/MBA).